Happy Anniversary!

It's just seem possible to multi-tasked these days. Setting priorities is a requirement. Many are asking me how I divide my time with my work - checking stores the entire week - and blogging almost daily and a lot more. For me, blogging is my escape and work is already a given thing. When I put my thoughts in writing, it feels like being liberated. At some point, felt like I am whisked away to an island all by myself. Thrilled at times. Blogging came up to me, so to speak, unplanned. But I always put my thoughts way before blogging, daily, sort of a journal. But the (blogging) bug hit me, formally when a friend initiated the entire thing years ago. He designed my page starting from scratch. There was no stopping from there on until I updated it, professionally. I hired a web designer to further enhanced and maintained it, and eventually bought my own domain. Having that said, I can see myself in the next 10 years or so still at it. I believed through fashion, you can make your life better. Cheers! Happy Anniversary, #BonggaKaDong. Light and Love, everyone!


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