Regarding New Year

New Year's revelry was all about polka dot and stripe. I believed so. HAHAHA. Before 2016 hit the mark months ago, found myself with this strikingly ensemble for one reason: to attract prosperity. Richness, that is! A colleague of mine actually made some positive remarks with my prints, that a polka print is for coin and the stripe print is for the bill. So here's wishing more savings this year, Choz! Jokingly aside, it's the other way around. Wishing for something tangible. Richness in my heart for one that is to to continue helping others in my own little ways, and richness in health. I wanna lived a hundred years. And still blogging at that! HAHAHA. Secondly, richness in knowledge through future trips. So that means, more savings. HAHAHA. Focus, Dong. Focus.
Anyways, New Year was well spent in Resorts World with bff Aries, as usual. We've been spending it every year. Almost we did the rounds of the many places in the metro with the New Year's revelries. Some were a hit and some were not that grand. But just the same, it was spent with so much gusto and fun. The single gays on a New Year, that is! Light and Love, everyone!


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