Hot Air BalloonFiesta is an annual event held at ClarkFreeport in Pampanga. 

From February 11-14, this anticipated event is packed with activities on a daily basis. Hot air balloons take off every morning at around 6:30 AM depending on wind conditions. The next opportunity to see the balloons is in the afternoon at around 5:30 PM as they fly in, if wind conditions is conducive. The balloons will also be tethered on Saturday and Sunday night for the night glow. 

Aside from hot air balloons, which everyone is anticipating about, there are also other mind-blowing exhibitions like Paragliding,  with the infamous twin (paragliders) brothers doing their annual stuff, Skydiving, Ultralight/Microlight Flights and Flour Bombing, Helicopter Flights Display and more. 

The place is packed, as expected. No need to worry about where to eat, every single area of the place was dotted with food stalls.  The event was covered by ABS-CBN, so expect too a dose of entertainment and stars gracing the balloon fiesta.  

It was my first (balloon fiesta) experience but it won't be my last. Till the next.


Light and Love!



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