Red Wine Musings

These days, it never sink in me that its 2016 already and February is almost in our midst, to begin with. I wished that its December still. I guess I was not moving on with the Holidays that had passed. Surely, I was preoccupied with work then. Even working my ass off on New Year's Eve. The job that pays the rent. HAHAHA. I love my job, I love my job.
Anyway, moons ago, found myself with this picturesque place and pronto! snapping my #OOTDs in no time. Operation not yet formally kicked-off so the place was all mine that day. It was almost painted with a grey-ish hue which gave definition to my otherwise red wine ensemble. Yay! The thing when doing a random shoot, it was so liberating that when actualizing them in an otherwise deserted place or in my case with this shoot, you have all the freedom to do every angles possible sans public eyes. Feeling celeb lang! HAHAHA! Light and Love, everyone!


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