Maxi Tee is Loved!

It's been a while, folks! I know, I know. It took me months before hitting my blog until now. The last few months saw myself preoccupied with tons of (merchandising) demands. Add to that the Holiday season month ago. But just the same, I was never behind with my #OOTDs. That's the deal there. No ordinary day had actualized without me in my friend's social feeds. Right! Hoping they won't get tired of me. HAHAHA.
So setting the kicking point straight, I gave you a maxi number HAHAHA. Kidding aside, maxis is in upswing these days. Be it a tee - in my case with this post - a sweater looking like a dress and the list of styles continue as long its a maxi cut. I was so fascinated with the trends that I bought almost 2 items every week. I had a knitted dress even. The thing is, these maxis will be paired with tapered and cropped pants or cullottes. The result. fierce! Yup, my faves this season. Aside from its fierceness factor, it also hides my ever growing tummy. HAHAHA. Case closed! Light and Love, everyone! Happy 2016, folks!