When Coast Is Clear!

Meanwhile, in this side of town, er, city, I had all the time looking for a nice location for my post today. Voila! found one near my place, hidden and forgotten. But not for me. Or at least you are the type of a person who always checked both sides of the road while on your way to work, then you will not missed this spot. It speak volumes, to say the least. Good thing, today, half or almost the city is in a 'ghost' mode. Its like a breather from the usual crazy picture during weekdays. Ah! this is a breath of fresh air for me. On a snippet, #APECsummit did a little good tidings for cleaning the road from all types of transportations but also giving unfavorable situation to commuters for two days in a row now.
I am somewhat perplexed on what to put on my back today. I just picked up randomly and put together this somewhat (perplexed) styling. HAHAHA. To start with, I love the crocheted cap on my head and the jacket. I need to put on some color. These past two, (no work) days, the laziness was overwhelming. I need a pop of color to keep the mode going. Which in that note, the color choices is giving life, after all, to the background in itself. Well, I did something right. A no-planned outfit actually has a surprise factor that comes with it. Light and Love, everyone!


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