Sheen Factor

Found this place converted into a mini playground moons ago. Personally, it was more of an inspirations for my blog than a play place. Whenever I see places with (colorful) structural pieces or walls with artistic strokes on it, then you will find me taking my time for my photos. LOL. The city has a lot of inspirations to begin with. If you have the 'eye' for it, easy for you to identify these inspirations. Its not every one has been gifted. So if you have one, then enhance and use it for (being) creative's sake.
Anyway, my ensemble of today's post is just your basic pieces saved from a little sheen via the blouse and the cullottes. The vest tempered the sheen factor and overall was just so perfect for work and a little extra drinks later in a bar. Hitting the workplace but not being boring. Gone were the days of wearing the generics. Why step out from your comfort zone from time to time. You won't regret it, believe me! This may take guts from your end but again building up a new image is daunting at first but rewarding in the end. How about starting this week? Bet! Light and Love, everyone!


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