Full Life Ahead!

An hour from now, it will be a big day for me. Because its my birthday! Not young anymore but I have plenty of good health remaining. Thank, God for that! Yup, turning way past my 40 is no joke. Happy and gay just the same. Its been a long ride since. There has been 'bumps' along the way, and still is these days but it will not kill me anyway. Well, as the famous lines in a infamous song tells us ' what's not kill you, makes you stronger'. I hope I get it right. HAHAHA. See, way past your 40 is no joke.
Anyway, if you will ask me what my wishes for on my birthday, well, none at all! I am happy and contented with my life right now. But if given one greatest wish by a mother fairy, if there is one, and be granted with that wish, then it would be a longer life ahead. Life with my loved ones, that is! Well, I claimed it right at this moment. Why not! Its no impossible wish just the same. Good diet, stress-free life I guess are the secret of longevity in this lifetime. I am not reaching for the stars here, for sure of course! In the meantime, let me finished baking my cake for my party tomorrow. I bake my cake and eat it too. HAHAHA. Happy birthday to me! Yay! Light and Love, everyone!


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