Denim Love

Moons ago, found myself wearing an all-denim ensemble to pay homage to an all-time fave denim brand, #Guess. Yup, you heard it right, folks! The brand that George Marciano started during the crazy 80's. Back when the time when owning one was de riguer of every single fashionista. Of course, I would not be the last on the lists with the #Guess mania. I had a handful during college days but I had a fave jeans that I always wore almost every single day. Not distressed though but plainly washed and through time of wear and tear it went through a phase of a beat-up one. And made me proud at that especially so when paired with (white) shirt. Oh, my, that 'floating' feeling when every single person in the campus stared at you (I don't know if looks could kill that time!) er, your jeans. HAHAHA. Well, as they say, a trend may come and go but jeans never fades. Light and Love, everyone!


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