(Birthday) Hangover

Oh, my, my week is full of surprises. The LOVE is overwhelming. If you're a loving person then the love you've shared, naturally, will come back to you, and overwhelming at that! Love begets love. Living independently is not easy. Obviously, you find your 'family' within your team, neighbors, maybe. Anyway, I feel the LOVE and thank you for that. Happiest birthday, so far. I believed birthdays are not celebrated anymore for people way past their 40s. HAHAHA. Yup, true to me. But my team is so sweet! The best team, ever. You guys, rock!
Anyway, today I thought of a medley of (roaring) prints would be fitting enough for another birthday hangover. HAHAHA. Just kiddding! Well, animal prints really is 'me'. Give me a full suitcases of animal prints, in every possible animal there is, then I will throw you the happiest, fierce combos out from them. So naturally, I love Cavalli's midas touch on his animal prints collection. His archive is nothing short of these prints which he is known for to begin with. The 'Cavalli' in me, I guess would always manifests from time to time. Trust me, I am in my best element when in a print-on-print ensemble. You can blame me! Prints is everywhere. Inspirations is everywhere. What better way to express oneself is by pulling-off the prints like there's no tomorrow. HAHAHA. Light and Love, everyone!


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