Balancing Act

Today is a good day to die. In a good way. Because Mango's founder, Chairman Izak Andic took out his time and visited his stores here. Once in a blue moon did he find time setting Philippines shores to oversee Mango shops. Rare opportunity for us, his beloved employees. So we took the chance at once having our souvenir photo with him. This is his 2nd time actually, but we can't get enough of him. Still in awe with his success starting from a small store to what is now globally present in every country in the world. Admirable man, to begin with. Such an epitome of success yet hungry still for knowledge in the retail biz, and power yet humble in many ways. A perfect example to emulate with. Such a short visit but memorable just the same.
So for the Chairman's visit, I was somewhat balancing my act on my outfit. A night before, I was caught between five ensembles to chose from which were sadly, never hit the mark the next day, and found myself instead of going back to my usual self of doing the 'no-plan outfit' trick. Which in most cases, gave me the aces. One quick mental note, I have to chose a color palette that also give highlight factor to my (new) ash grey hair. So a black and grey combo won. Safe but stylish just the same. Light and Love, everyone!


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