Inglot-Phillipines and #Mango collab moons ago was super fun. It was a medley of fashion, beauty and little dash of food. Inglot launched their new product via a fashion spectacle. Models-slash beauty queens came in full force wearing Mango's AW2015 collection while Inglot beautifully made them divine. The launch was attended by no less than reknowned make-up artist, Bobby Carlos and the ageless Phoem Baranda who each gave pointers on make-up and some other things about beauty, of course! The show was short but memorable just the same. One Place, Shangrila was the perfect venue for the event.
The Mango AW2015 collection gave definition via details like zippers, leather, the mix of soft and flowy cuts, and sealed the deal with a generous showing of boots in knee-high and mid-calf design. The Inglot team prepared a task for everyone to enjoy via a (flatlay) photo contest using Inglot products. Everyone had fun taking each angles and execution possible. I saw some beauty bloggers doing their thing. Armed with the best tools of the trade. Big lenses cameras, that is! Anyway, Mango team came in full force and supported Inglot through and through. Light and Love, everyone!


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