70's Baby

Boho 70's unanimously the choice of the fashyon set these days. The vibe has made a splash once more in the fashion dome this #AW2015 season. Flare jeans, floppy hat, embroideries, peasant blouses, ethinic prints and the lists goes on and on. What I love about this celebrated moment in fashion are the accessories that comes with it. Floppy hat for one. Multi-fringed bags and the sandals are to die for. I can safely say that I am a 70's baby so much so that these trends nowadays is LOVED!
Good thing I have all the boho essentials from my past purchases years ago. What I did is adding new key pieces to mix with my old. My fail-safe trick that really helped me a lot in the styling department. And saving few pesos, too. Thankful to my O.C. nature when it comes to safekeeping fashion items. You see, I have this bell-bottoms purchased 10 years ago and still very much relevant and in good condition up to these days. Its a different case when it comes to my jewelleries. Fashion jewelries will tarnished in time and also consider the carbon emission from the daily grind in the road. Get the picture! So from time to time, I have to update my blings. In the meantime, let me relished my 70's fashion moment while it is still HOT! Yay! Light and Love, everyone!


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