Regarding Solids

When everything else fails, do a solid number. In between my (fashion) foray, I always go back to cleaner, sophisticated look. I played around textures sans the chaotic but organized print-on-print ensembles. Depending on my mode-of-the-day. But one thing that keeps me going is, I always chose one single item that spark my interest and from there I build-up my total look. Easy, right? My 'overboard' phase had left the building, I guess. HAHAHA. I am now comfortable with a little showing of prints, banking on some solid, classic pieces and invest more on shoes and bags. After all, these complementos will make or break you in the process. Choz!
Good thing, I purchased some good, fine pieces in neutrals. These days, its easy for me combining them. Talking about being thrifty and creative here. Say, my cullottes I wore these past days were from my old denims and trousers. Giving our old garments a new lease of life is also doing our own share of helping planet earth. Right? Recycle, recycle is the key. Light and Love, everyone!


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