Let's Do The Cloak!

Cloak, or (blanket) shawl is making a comeback this season. What better way to wear it is with style. I paid mine with this trendy item by complimenting it with a red hat. This hat never failed me for the longest time since. It always add drama with any styling. My rescue item in my closet when I am in doubt. The two key items I have banking on today is somewhat an investment pieces. The cloak and the hat, that is! What with its versatility. Good buy at that. Both have been acquired during end-of-season sale. What more could you ask for.
This late, I have been wanting to travel. Locally, that is! Just to wander about. No specifics yet on where to go and who's with me. But I am eyeing on this Ilocandia tour. My friend back Mango days abroad is working with this Travel Tours agency. The picturesque places of Ilocos are so tempting and surely these are more beautiful when seen and experienced, first-hand. How about a weekend? With all the 'generic' activities re work and personal life, I guess I need something a 'breather' this time. Its been years since I did not went on an adventure. If budget and time permits me so, then I can see myself whisked-off somewhere up North. In the meantime, I can feel the chills rushing in like cold wind tapping my skin. HAHAHA. As if I am living in some cold places. The last thing I know as of this post, Manila temp is between 31 degrees. Well, this cloak really is the usual suspect with this weird thoughts. HAHAHA. Light and Love, everyone!


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