Fringe Benefits

I found myself all dolled-up in fringes. Not one but two different fringe style and shape. Why not! Its #CosmoCarnival event after all. HAHAHA. Wore this fringe ensemble two moons ago. Seriously, the mixing of fringe is a challenge in itself. Rule of thumb: contrasting but similar story. Meaning, its a fam bam of fringe. Period. HAHAHA. I hope I pulled it off with flair. A little showing of legs this time. Truth be told, its not a 'wow' legs but who cares! HAHAHA. The mode was fringe and legs. HAHAHA. Jokingly aside, I was amazed by how I pulled it through that day, well, until the next day, as we went home - after the show - the earliest morning by 2:00 am. Chicken legs, that is! But enjoyed the outfit just the same. Seems like I am comfortable with myself these days. Getting into your mid-40s, you are attuned to your inner self. On a second thought, who cares about others. Just enjoy the 'fashyon' ride. Yay!
It was a night of (raining) men. But disappointed of the choice of boxers and joggers. The men should be in their undies. Cosmo is known for skimpy wear from previous shows and this is the prize we, gays and women alike, are waiting for. If my memory serves me right, Cosmo's bachelor bash fun and 'sexual' factor had left the building. Overall, the show was 'flat'. Include the sweltering heat that night as it was staged at the concert grounds of MOA. It was raining earlier before the show so most spectators were braving the rain and humidity. Good thing I was with my friends, else, I will leave the show earlier before the main number from the bachelors. Choz! But thanks, anyway, the men gamely responded to the crazy crowd. I went home relieved. What with all the work demands through and through. This kind of fun in between weeks of my job is surprisingly a joy in itself. Light and Love, everyone!


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