Earning My Stripes

Stripes print will never be outdated. Its classic. Does wonders, too. You create the illusion of being thinner and taller at same time when worn, vertically. Whenever I did wear some stripe numbers, I always get good reviews from friends. Which in turned, made me more excited by experimenting with this classic print. Hence, the mix of stripe and another print I wore moons ago. The print has so much potential in the mix and match department. It can be fused with polkas, or a clashing stripe number. A floral print and stripe won't hurt, either. In a sea of basic dressing Filipinos, surely, you will 'rise' above the situation, so to speak.
The challenge that lies within is you can't wear your fave stripe piece of garment often. Its noticeable. Or any bolder print for that matter. That's why you have to master the print-on-print challenge. This way, your printed matter pieces in your closet will get its truest mileage. At same time, you will save your time and money by shopping the latest trends. The fact that a print-on-print ensemble will manifest within your power, then you look 'afresh' every single day via the trick of the trade. People will always be surprised of your outfits thinking so you've got the best deals in town. Light and Love, everyone!


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