The Bus!

The least I can do for now is feeling like I'm in San Francisco. HAHAHA. The bus, you idiot! Jokingly aside, this hybrid bus - as being named - is one hell worth of a background from my photo shoot. For me, I guess. HAHAHA. Who could resist its beauty. But I noticed the colorful ad painted in the bus instead more than my fancy for some shots - promoting our very natural beauty. I kid you not, this bus is just a form of utility to many but it made a great, if not, a multitude of awareness of our Philippines seas. One simple advocacy for each and every one of us: Save it!
Sans batting an eyelash, I did'nt think twice of wearing my trusty (velvet) suit jacket amidst the temp that day. Hey, sometimes we bleed in the name of fashion. Right? But again I tempered the look by pairing it with a denim cullottes. And just a deep V-cut top just to show more sexiness in the cleavage area. Even without a boobs to show. HAHAHA. I can do it by wearing pumps but a white sneakers would always do the trick, sometimes. And its en vogue this season. Ready to face the world face on. I love my look. experimental yet chic and I love the restraint factor wirh it. Light and Love, everyone!


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