Sweating On Sweater

It's an instant love at first sight on this neoprene sweater in D&G-ish print. Aside from its fantastic play of prints, the colour is sweet. The thing is, the length is low - sitting right on my navel. In fact, I have to pulled it down from time to time just to put it in placed where I want it to be. Sadly, I do not possess the abs to be proud of by wearing a midrib sweater but a generous tummy instead. I am just good tucking it in and mostly played with the best styling to hide it. But I know I can pull-off the sweater just the same. Making possible the impossible. HAHAHA. Well, I guess it does looked rightfully best when paired with a high-waisted stripe print trousers, that for me will lessen the worries on this 'low-cut' thing. Just yet. So I sealed the styling with a cardigan tied around my waist and I'm off to go. Oh, my, so much with the layering. HAHAHA. Good thing that it was raining that day. The weather was on my side. HAHAHA.
I guess I was too seriously to care about my look on a daily basis. Its a shame that I spent time and energy every morning on my outfit than thinking on what to eat for breakfast. Yup, this is me and I don't see any changes in the coming years. I just love dressing-up. Its my antidote. Keeping me afloat in this business. Lets see, 10 years down the road, I can still see myself keeping-up with my #OOTDs. HAHAHA. Light and Love, everyone!


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