Tying a shirt around the waist is trendy these days. 

90's GRUNGE is back! 

It may be tied on a dress, shorts, or in my case, a joggers. Well, aside from the fact that it adds drama to a generic ensemble, it also covers big butt - if you are pissed-off of having one - or on the contrary, no hips at all. 😁

Rocking our world with the grunge vibe these season. A pop of print will spike up a rather monotone outfit. Some will do it with sneakers or sandals but for me, its nice to sealed the look with pumps. There is a 'sexual' factor with stilletos. You felt sexy wearing one. And you achieved a good stance than slouchy.

This lippy print sweater also has its own appeal. What with all the lippy and heart patchwork. I also love the organdy fabric. Seems not that easy to find a sweater in organza. Thanks to my foray to flea market this late. I found more than what I wanted. 

In the coming days, I will be strutting some finds which you will find very 'now'. What I mean is that, you will never underestimate places like a flea market (ukay). This places are 'bursting'  with high-end pieces. Vintage bags. Name it, you will find it. 

One thing to note is that, its budget-friendly of course, but do not rely on the power of your buying.  You need to to have the 'eye' when it come to selections. Trust me, your 500 bucks will go a long way if you have that sense of 'good' fashion in you. Yay! 

Light and Love!



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