Co-ords is en vogue these season. Same print but cut into top and bottom. So I paid a camou number which I find interestingly clashing but organized just the same. You see camou prints has its own several strokes but when paired, it evokes a cohesive result. I am not fond though of donning a single print so I've decided (again!) a denim jacket wrapped around my waist. Just to cut the monotony factor within the whole ensemble. A pair of pink sunnies won't hurt either. It was raining that day with the typhoon looming in some parts of the region, but this won't stop me from wearing one. You know, perking-up the rather (bedweather) day ahead.
Months went by so fast. Anytime soon September is in our midst. Few months away from Christmas. Oh, my, this means I'll be 10 years exactly with #Mango since coming here ( for good, I hope) from working many years abroad. And I felt it was just yesterday. Time really has its own way of tricking us. Thankful just the same. I have colleagues and friends I have gathered for years and still very much around. Comforting thought. Anyway, no work today. I hope I can see myself later resting. You see, when I'm on holiday, it means a lot of things to make-up in my place. Being single is not that fun. You do all the works. Well, Basia is ready to sing her songs out loud while tending all this household chores. Light and Love, everyone!


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