I kept this cullottes for 2 years and I guess this is the best time to wear them. I don't really know the reason behind why this cullottes took its time. In fact, season after season, cullottes never missed its showing as being part of the collection. The urge is just rushing today, maybe. Nevertheless, its 'spark' stood the test of time: leather is still soft and supple saved from a few unrecognizable few black spots in the hemline part. This flea market finds is a gem, itself. Its vintage. Anyway, the fringe vest really does wonder too when paired. Oh, my, its another 'bleed' day. HAHAHA. The sun earlier was scorching. HAHAHA.
Anyway, this enchanting balete tree serves as my bachdrop of the shoot. No worries whatsoever. I just find it enchanting. But in any case if this tree is, say, somewhere in my hometown, there would be some reservations having it as background of a shoot. They say, there are living spirits moving about especially a balete kind. Urban legend, that is! Its starkly a different mindset for many right back here in the metropolis. Well, personally, the city has changed me in some ways. For one, the tree is everywhere, right in the bustling Ayala pocket gardens where bars and restaurants are making its 'noise' night and day. So what else is there to worry about? Truth be told, I said 'tabi-tabi po' just the same. HAHAHA. Light and Love, everyone.


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