Earning My Stripes

Where would I be other than retail? I guess, I'll be teaching in a prep school. My love for children qualifies me to start with. Yup, its surprising though when you get past your 40 years old, your world tend to gravitate to kiddos. Way back then, a single, prolonging cries from babies made me pissed. These days, it is music to my ears. Believe me, folks! I can see myself in the next years to come working my ass-off in World Vision. But what starkly contrasting from it all, my patience has becoming thinner these days. As my friends fave line every time I become impatient: 'That's a sign of getting older'. Ugh! I just replied all of them with a hearty laugh with a sense of approval. HAHAHA. Ah, life! Light and Love, everyone!


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