The Heat is On!

June month unfolded so fast sans my concious self that any days from now we're halfway there. Obviously, its half year past, too. Six months to go and another new year will be in our midst. But let us forget that near-distant fact for now. Have you checked you bucket lists? Are you halfway there? Since the time I was conciously telling myself to have one, I never did until now. Mine, was not too ambitious. But hardly to easily get by just the same. For the record, I've had all my travels iteneraries via my company's expense. So, going to Paris with all my resources backing me up then would be too ambitious. For now, I am trying to save - but not quitting shopping still - and whipping-up some stroke of luck. Tell me, how can Paris be a reality with my spending habit. I guess, I settled for pure luck for the time being, and wishing someone would bring me there. HAHAHA. See, bucketlists are easy to make but a stressful project altogether.
Anyway, let's talk about bucketlists some other time. HAHAHA. By the way, I felt summer had just began. Yup, I dread everyday. With all this hot temp raising its bar daily, you would'nt expect to be nice at times. God, help me! The heat brought about 'discomfort'. Taking shower twice daily is not enough! I wanna be transported to Icelandic country to 'soaked' into their 'icy' weather. But who am I to complain. True enough, braving the heat for one is to wear shorts. Showing some skin to breathe. It does help a bit. Else, if this heat continues, you will find me wearing a swimming suit at work! Just kidding! Light and Love, everyone!


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