Say, Dungarees!

Wearing dungarees is not a crime. This 80's staple is the smartest choice I have made. HAHAHA. Well, its in 'upswing' these days. It's tricky, though. A little character will help to come out ' en vogue ' while having fun at same time. I won't pick a lace-up sneakers or slip-ons with this its because I might come out an all-out 80's chick. I can't just pull - off the vibe. Yup, pumps saved my insanity today. I guess wearing heels over dungarees is just so chic. Well, anything over heels is just so...woman! Dungarees for many is not on top of the lists when it comes to shopping clothes. It is associated with a little hint of love-hate relationship. For one, its not that flexible piece of clothing. You've got to wear it not often as this is quite noticeable if you keep on repeating them. And more. You know what I mean, going to the loo is just too tedious the task. Right? But let me wear one today, folks! I hope I've got the ace with this. Oh, no worries for me, in my case, the loo visit is not that big deal. HAHAHA. Light and Love, everyone!


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