Denim Play

Denim plays an important part of my wardrobe. When I'm in doubt, denim came to my rescue. I can put on anything with it. But when my fashion radar takes me for a spin, a denim-on-denim take will be a joy to behold. I can go on a particular wash but a washed-out finish is my most fave out from a few choices. These days, beat-up jeans is the flavor of the 'fashyon' set so go for it. You can pair with either a lace-up sneakers or in my case, I went all-out with heels. I love the mix and matched of a beat-up denim and a spiky heels. So much so when it is in the softest old rose hue.Yay!
Anyway, the week went by just okay. Not much of 'surprises' but thankkful just tha same. Surviving everyday of every week is more than enough to ba happy about with or without surprises in the process. One thing I dread about is the weather. Still is very hot these days. Sometime it rained, and thank for that, but again the temp gets intensified still. Oh, my, dressing-up is not enjoyable anymore. Well, who am I to complain? Happy weekend, everyone! Light and Love!


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