Weekend At The Beach is LOVE!

The best Sunday, ever! Communing with nature is the best gift to enjoy. For free. I relished every hour spent with it: blue waters, rock formations, sand, sun and the food in between dips. Can't wait to go back this weekend. Importantly, the bond we friends had made over in a span of an overnight stay was epic. I knew it was such a short span of time but thankful just the same. Yay!
The place was a sanctuary itself. Villa-type homes lining-up within this 'by membership only' beach paradise. Puerto Azul is an hour away from Manila by car. Located in Ternate, Cavite, Puerto has modified accomodations in every possible way there is. We chose the 10k villa a night. It comes with our own kitchen and amenities. Its a huge place with veranda with a good view of the beach. I had the perfect time looking at it during sunrise. Spectacular!
The water actually was not that awesome but a much-needed dip is always a welcoming idea. What's the purpose anyway of being a beach bum myself. The sand though is powdery but not the whitish as compared to Bora. I can say, even with all the not-so perfect that I/we expected, we relished and enjoyed the time together. Surely, everyone was so busy clicking our respective cams and phones taking every angles possible. Puerto Azul never run out of beautifuul spots. I was so happy taking time with mine. Well, before summer comes to an end, I can see myself to another weekend of sun, sand and blue waters in not-so far beach resort. How about you? lLght and Love, everyone!


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