Hurrah! For This Jacket

I've cried when I laid my eyes to this jacket moons ago. OA, di ba! But surely, this jacket is a great find. To tempered the uptown feel of it is to mix and matched it with distressed jeans and sandals. The matchy-matchy vibe is not trendy anymore. Fashion evolves fast as fast as a cat in a rain. HAHAHA. So to be updated, we will also tide ourselves with the changes. And a good change at that. I love how my friends gave good remarks with the embroideries and some patches here and there with it. So light the material pa. Yay! Can't contained my joy. Its one of my good finds, of course, to my fave place in this fashion dome, flea market. Yes, Olivia, thankful I have good eye for precious and nice things. And not breaking the bank. Yay! Light and Love, everyone!


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