The Long and Short(s) of it!

Hot pink shorts is good to go on a summer day. The heat is unacceptable these days but who am I to complain. So to ease out this uncomfortable situation, comfy dressing is the order of the day. Shorts for one is the ultimate demand. So I found myself wearing one but with a jacket. An all-shorts and tee ensemble is not my cup of tea. Go get the x-factor when donning short shorts. More mileage one can get in the styling department when added a jacket or a cardigan tied-up on the waist. Personally, it looks not so casually dressed-up as seen to many when wearing a shorts. It sets you apart. Actually, a floppy hat can add 'wow' points too. See, styling these days is not on one note. So have fun and be joyous when it comes to dressing. Its completely a happy world. Fashion need not be taken seriously. Light and Love, everyone!


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