B is For BOHO

Boho vibe goes on and on. And I love it! Another take, another day. Or vice-versa. Yup, folks! never get tired of wearing the vibe as long as it is the trend-of-the-season. More takes in the coming days. HAHAHAHA. Hope you guys will not get tired of seeing me of similar story. Anyway, most of the time when donned with anything boho, it is paired with distressed jeans just to tempered the look. But you can go all-out from head to toe, print-on-print too. I love the clashing of prints frOm time to time. But on some other days, jeans would be an alternative. Less is more. You can either accessorize it or just plainly give the spotlight on the details, say, fringes, patching or appliques like the one one I am wearing. I can see myself being joyous with this hot item of this summer season. Very practical yet stylish. Comfy yet trendy. Light and Love, everyone!


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