I would never underestimate the power of sunset. We were always in a hurried pace almost daily and we never take some time to appreciate sunset or maybe, a sunrise. So its a good timing two moons ago when I had the chance to witness it. Yup, I never walk a mile but its just a few steps within my workplace. And the feeling was liberating. God's way of telling us to take a 'pause' and be thrilled with the works of nature. After all, we are connected with it.
Thanks to my friend, Andrei, who has been supportive with me - even risking his life just to get a decent photos, HAHAHA - since day one. We even managed climbing our way up amidst big rocky formations. But hey! that was really the purpose. HAHAHA. Thankful it turned out just fine. Yay! One thing for sure, I will be taking my time doing it again and again. Wonderful, really. How about you? Light and Love, everyone!


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