Straw Hat + Floral Pants = Summer

This unexpected straw hat came at the right time. Today, unplanned of wearing one as I tied my hair in bun. Moving along the 'time and tide' at the workplace, the straw hat from Mango's SS2015 collection caught my fancy. A slew of thoughts came rushing to my head saying ' get the hat and your good to last the day '... Oh, my, when I tried it on, its perfectly the best accessory this summer and it goes well with my outfit. But wait, there's another option, I told myself. There should be a plan B, A few minutes later, I found myself to this not so hip store but carries similar hat and more. Well, same hat but not breaking the bank. Its the attitude, dahling!
I wore today my most trusted summer trousers who 'withstood' all seasons. Been serving my fashion plate for years since I bought it during my travel in Spain. And when this side of town is into its season's sales, expect a crazy markdowns. Oh, my, I can't stand the thought of packing all the loots to the point of hardly zipping my suitcases then. And the scary thought when you reached more than the allowable baggage weight. But fun along the way, eh. To make a short note, shorter, this trousers is getting its groove back. I guess the floral prints says it all! Light and Love, everyone!


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