Quick Turn

I took the opportunity when it rained days ago. So I took out this printed sweater that was just nicely folded in my drawer. I love how the prints materialized in it. The stiching is just so painstakingly hand-sewed. This must be a labor of love for the designer and sewer, themselves. So, this is love and be loved for all seasons. The otherwise printed leggings is perfectly giving the sweater a fresh take. What a lovely, balmy and rainy day to compliment with a print-on-print ensemble.
These days, seems the weather has an 'unpleasant' turn. What with the sudden pourings on the onset of summer. So, I always had with me my trusted umbrella tucked in my bag whenever I am off for work. Emergency-mode. Times has changed. A little drizzling might gave me a headache. Better be ready than be sorry. Anyway, keep dry, folks! Light and Love, everyone!


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