Polka Play

Yup, for the love of anything POLKA! 3 different shapes of polka in one ensemble to call it a day. HAHAHA. Why be afraid to wearing printed matter in a slew of various shapes, maybe a little textures here and there but generally a play of prints? Else, you will be left behind HAHAHA. Just joking! But again, a mixture of prints is the common denominator this season. And I am sure, in the coming many seasons ahead. Well, to start with, it requires a lot of attitude. Do not be conscious and just go with the flow. People will notice if your not comfortable. Can I just say, start the experiment today. Go ahead. Make it work!
Such a pleasure today checking and seeing some friends far and in between. Talking with them is a sort of release. Thankful though, these friends worked or lived nearby so it is easy to meet and gather. To me, this is a bliss. I like the idea of closer proximity from everyone. The spirit lives on! It diminish a tinge of 'longing' when everyone is around. I am in awe with how much time. even longer, will still be the main key to all my longings to come in bound. It does serves the purpose at times but mostly keep me on the go yet steadfast. Light and Love, everyone!


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