Addicted to Hats

I have fun - lots of it! - wearing hat of any style: floppy, fedora, bucket etc. But I guess floppy hat had this certain 'appeal' on my face. Maybe because of being 'floppy' that it actually has this element that suited best on my angular face. or maybe because it is just the right dimension. In any case, and possibilities, this fave-of-the-moment accessory is becoming a curse than a wonder itself. That means, another add-on on my long lists of 'what-to-buy' item/s of the month. Help me God! Of course, my being addicted to this, it would mean buying more styles - not included the color aspect of every hat - and taking time looking for something unique and a statement piece itself - well, with this demand I can assure myself its no curse at all! In any way possible, and in the coming days, a day would not be complete without this piece of accessory sitting prettily in my head. In the meantime, enjoy! Light and Love, everyone!


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