New Kicks + MAC event

Doubly-filled to the brims today. Had managed to attend #MAC make-up demo and of course, my job. New learning and wonderful beginnings brought about with this session. Definitely, this will work wonders in my foray to the colorful world of make-up. If you have noticed this late, I am made-up during work. I started to experimenting mixture of shades applications on my eyes, contouring, blushing and the works. This 'playful' hobby of mine has found its initial 'spark' when I was given a starter set from Sephora. Little by little, and during each morning of endless applications, I had found my second love, aside from merchandising, make-up that is! So upon learning from sis Karla - who used to be my colleague in Mango before - of a demo of sort in their Alabang branch, I never think twice. There I found myself listening to one of #MAC's pool of make-up artists, #Geevee. Geevee's expertise is no doubt, flawless. He selflessly teaching us the tricks of the trade this afternoon. Well done, Geevee. I must say, I have learned a lot today. Can't wait. In the meantime, I have to look for good brushes - not that expensive but 'efficient' just the same - to achieved flawlessly what Geevee is teaching us. First mantra, tools of the trade should be the best of the best. Anyway, excerpts were some shots during the make-up demo. By the way, Geevee showed us how to achieved a day time look: no fuss, just simple, easy tricks of applications.
Anyway, my sneakers debuted as well today. Got these new babies days ago. It turnout to be my best buy this sale season. Thankful for friends in the industry. I can reserved items up to its final markdowns. It pays to be friendly at times, in this case, with the retail dome. New fave of the moment. I can matched with anything. And mind you, sneakers is one of the trend this SS2015. Bring it on! Light and love, everyone!


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