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ARRIVAL Unplanned vacation, but one for the books. A popular destination in Southeast Asia, BALI mesmerizes me in many ways. In tall order; warm and friendly locals, spicy food, nice beaches, and its utmost safety to tourists. Crime rate is very low.  Arriving in Ngurah Rai International Airport is such a breeze. What with all the cultural ornamentations around the airport. I was like transported in a museum of sort. Feast for the eyes. A far cry from our own. We arrived around 9 in the morning. We had breakfast at the airport's many coffee shops while awaiting rest of friends who flew in from Singapore, Dan and Bam. The trip was also for Dan's birthday. Dan was clueless all along. We've got him a surprise treat as soon as we've settled in the parking lot nearby for our car to take us to our hotel. Thanks to our handsome tour guide, Gading, who kindly made the preparations  at the back of his car,  complete with balloons and cake. HOME AWAY FROM HOME Our hotel in Kuta,

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